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Crickets 0 article
Popular Science

The Rise Of The Incredible Edible Insect

Start-ups are marketing an unlikely new protein. It’s nutrient-rich, all natural, and six-legged.

Smallpox virus article
Popular Science

The Doctor Who Thought Bed Bugs Spread Smallpox

Old, completely unethical studies tried—and failed—to pin the virus on the bloodsucker

Bed bug music article
Popular Science

The Bed Bug: A Musical Muse | Popular Science

Songs about bed bugs provide one more set of data to trace how the bed bug reigned, then faded, then bounced back.

Crickets entomophagy article
Popular Science

The Environmental Benefits Of Eating Crickets Vs. Chicken: It's ...

Controversial new research examines how well crickets convert feed to protein.

Andersonville national cemetery georgia article
Popular Science

150 Years After the Civil War: Reflections on Medical Care | Popular ...

Infectious disease and questionable medical care during the Civil War.

Stressed aspen tree article
Popular Science

Do Plants Get Stressed?

Humans aren't the only ones who get stressed out.

Dead bee article
Popular Science

Do Insects Get Stressed?

Yes, yes they do.

Phage article
Popular Science

Do Microbes Get Stressed?

Yes, microbes stress, too.

Petunia high res article
Popular Science

Will Gardeners Buy A Color-Changing GMO Petunia?

Two plant molecular biologists in Colorado hope to introduce a GMO for the garden: a petunia that changes color.

Lego coffee popular science article
Popular Science

Stress: How It Works And How To Beat It

It doesn't have to be this way

Screen shot 2015 02 06 at 9.34.28 am article
Popular Science

Tuberculosis: Exclusive Clips From “The Forgotten Plague”

A new documentary explores the history of TB in America.

Bed bug nymphs article
Popular Science

Bed Bugs: Chemical Cover Caveats

Mixed reviews on a mattress and box spring liner impregnated with insecticide.

Bed bug on a bat article
Popular Science

Bed Bugs May Be Splitting Into New Species

New research confirms the bed bug's origin from bats and suggests a chance at observing evolution in real time.

Marshland in new jersey article
Popular Science

iChip: The Future of Antibiotic Discovery | Popular Science

A new device may help uncover new sources of antibiotics and other drugs.

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Popular Science

Can Bed Bug Traps Clear An Infestation?

A new device uses pheromones to lure bed bugs into a trap, but it's not likely the end of the pest.