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Sports gene article
TED Blog

What will sports look like in the future?

How science + technology are changing the limits of the human body and the shape of competition

Open uri20131213 21905 iuw4xv article
TED Blog

Brittany Wenger Q&A: Teen computer whiz helps diagnose breast ...

Brittany Wenger Q&A: Teen computer whiz helps diagn...

Open uri20131119 16178 6mrf4j article
TED Blog

Bird’s-eye science: What we’re learning about the planet using aerial technology

An Asian elephant, photographed from the sky. Court...

Open uri20131107 26414 h7u5vo article
TED Blog

My City: The urban jungle of Sao Paulo, as seen by biologist Juliana Machado Ferreira

Juliana Ferreira is not a city person. Although she...

Open uri20130814 26156 1o76oem article
TED Blog

The connection between sleep and mental health: A Q&A with circadian neuroscientist Russell Foster

We spend about a third of our lives asleep — a figure that may make all that time spent in bed seem like a waste. But according to neuroscientist Russell Foster, it is quite the opposite.
Russell Fost...

Stringio article
TED Blog

The high schooler who invented a promising test for pancreatic cancer: A Q&A with ‘teenage optimist’ Jack Andraka

Jack Andraka is not your typical teenager. The soon-to-be high school junior spends his free time in the science lab concocting better, cheaper ways to spot disease. One such project — a test for the ...

Open uri20130711 16904 108t4uq article
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Talking s**t with Rose George: A Q&A about the global health issue no one wants to bring up

At TED2013, Rose George talks about a major global health problem—the 2.5 billion people who live without toilets. Photo: James Duncan Davidson
A single gram of poop contains 50 diseases, one million ...

TED Blog

Does your hometown make you disease-prone? 6 talks on how location impacts health

If you look at mortality data across the United Kingdom, a striking correlation materializes: the higher the latitude, the greater the relative risk of death. This is true even when controlling for ri...

Open uri20130711 16904 1t81tkm article
TED Blog

How technology can empower patients, including 4 diagnostic tools for your iPhone

Eric Dishman is used to thinking about how technology can transform the world of health care. As an Intel Fellow and general manager of the company’s Health Strategy & Solutions Group, his job is all ...

Open uri20130711 20877 1wyn3e9 article
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In 2003, this work earned Moeliker the Ig Nobel Prize in Biology. A parody of the Nobel Prize, the

Photo: James Duncan Davidson
In 1995, Kees Moeliker heard a loud bang coming from the Natural History Museum Rotterdam’s new wing. He knew exactly what it was. Kees Moeliker: How a dead duck changed m...

Open uri20130711 16904 17rvsc6 article
TED Blog

Happy birthday John Snow, father of modern epidemiology: A Q&A with Steven Johnson

Shanghai. New York. Tehran. Tokyo. Today, dozens of cities worldwide are each home to many millions of people. But those masses of humanity might not exist in such tight quarters if not for John Snow....

Open uri20130711 20877 1d0edy9 article
TED Blog

Talking with animals: 7 examples of interspecies communication

Denise Herzing shares at TED2013 how she and her team are using keyboard interfaces to communicate with dolphins. Photo: James Duncan Davidson
Dolphins are “natural acousticians,” according to marine ...

TED Blog

9 old drugs that learned new tricks: The head of the National Institutes of Health shares medicines that turned out to have multiple uses

A look at the crystallites of AZT, the first antiviral approved for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Originally, AZT was created to treat cancer — but it failed in tests.
When you pop a pill, do you know ho...

TED Blog

10 talks to help you better understand cancer

When you hear the word “cancer,” what do you think about? And how do you know what you think you know? Do you think of cancer as a disease of the old or as something that can affect anyone, as a death...

Open uri20140617 5260 f3ef1o article
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Geneticist Juliana Machado Ferreira vs Brazil's illegal wildlife trade ...

4 days ago ... By Brooke Borel. on Nov 7, 2013. Juliana Ferreira is not a city person. Although she grew up just outside of São Paulo — the largest city in the ......